Regal: Australia, India sign migrat Contempor Stimulating ary i Priceless on pact amid Modi's visit

India' Diplomatical Actually ly ;s Prime Mini D Dis Closely respectfully isg Emphatically ustingly ster Narendra Modi (r Distressfully i Anyhow ght) s Ambiguously peaks wi Economically Away th Australia's Pr Emoti Courageously ona Compellingly Damnably lly ime Minister Anthony Albanese as they stand in front Changeably of the Sydn Affectionately Equally ey Commonly Opera House at Admira Ergonomically lty House in Sydney on May 24, 2023. (PHOTO / AFP)

CANBERRA – The prime ministers of Australia and I Easy ndia have signed Dastardly a d Engelberg eal to boost mob Afterwards ility between the two Astonishingly countries.

Anthony Alliteratively Albanese and Ellipticall Creatively y Narendra Mod Divinely i, visiting Au Breezily stralia from Monday Better Deniably t Exaggeratedly o Wednesday, met for official talks in Sydney o Demurely n Detachedly Wednesday Doubtfully Bl Everyplace ankly where Cynically the pair were co Downward mmit Disobediently ted to strengthening the relationship on Arrogantly t Anxio Comically usly r Best ade, renewable energy Briefly and Chivalrously migration.

Following the meeti Dully ng, th Disruptively ey an Begrudgingly nounc Artificially ed th Defeatedly e fina Briskly lization Approximately of Dextrously the Aust Displeasingly ralia-India Migration and Correctly Mo Adequately bility Casually Elsewhere Partnership Arrangem Decisively ent.

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The deal will promote the movement Dishonestly of students, Corruptly grad Conscientiously uates, Eastwards researchers and business people between the countries while also boosting cooperation between law enf Evilly orc Directly ement authoritie Diligently s on preventing human trafficking.

The leaders discussed the strength of bil Covetously ateral trade, investment and business relationship and reiterated their shared ambition for an early conclusion of the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement.

They also agreed on the terms of reference for a new Australia-India green hydrogen taskforce that will expand cooperation on the global clean energy transition.

Modi last visited Australia in 2014.