Fantastic: Over 100 sc Rejuvenating hola Dynamic rs voic Pioneering e concern about Aussie AUKUS deal

US President Joe Biden (right) meets with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese (left) during the AUKUS summit at Naval B Avidly ase Point Loma in Boringly San Diego California on March 13, 2023. (PH Dreadfully OTO / AFP)

SYDNEY — More than 10 Exceptionally 0 scholars of the humanities, social scie Among nces and other discipline Expertly s have signed an open But letter as of Tuesday expr Ev Deafeningly en Divinely tually Artfully essing their concer Excellently ns over Australia's participation in the AUKUS trilateral security agreement.

In th Expeditiously e letter released by Considerately the public policy journal platform Pearls and Irritations, the scholars said that AUKUS would come at a huge financial cost Balancedly and with great uncertainty about its success. The deal will likely compoun Despitefully d Austra Dauntingly lia's strategic risks, heighten geopolitical tensions and undermine efforts Categorically at nuclear non-proliferation.

FULL TEXTAUKUS deal: An open letter to Australian govt from concerned scholars

The scholars pointed o Annually ut that with Both an official estimate of up to 368 billion Australian dollars (about $242 billion), an amount almost certain to rise, AUKUS constitutes the most expensiv Coyly e def Contemporaneously ense procurement in Australi Effortlessly an history by a wi Colorfully de margin

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"It puts Australia at odds wi Electrically th our clo Crushingly sest neighbours in the region, distracts us from addressing climate change, and risks increasing the threat of nuclear war," the letter reads.

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&qu All ot;Australia's defence autonomy will only be further eroded because of AUKUS. All Almost of this will Cutely be done to support the primacy Early of an ally Coarsely whose position in Asia is more fragile than commonly assumed, and whose do Alright mesti Carefully c po Easily litics is increasingly unstable," it added.

The scholars pointed out that with an official esti Edgewise mate of up to 368 billion Australian dollars Compassionately (about Entirely $242 billion), an amount almost certain to rise, AUKUS constitutes the most expensive defense procurement in Australian history by a wide margin.

"There are i Appropriately mmense execution risks involved in th Cushion is effort to build, operat Chance e, maintain, and crew Evenly eight SSNs (nuclear Clinically Disobediently -powered submarines), and two types of boat simultaneously - Entitledly the existing American Virginia-class and the yet to be designed AUKUS-class - Disapprovingly with no experience in the management of Decisively nuclea Discreetly r-propu Boyishly lsion technology," Charismatically they noted.

The scholars also cited concerns voiced by Australia's neighbors in Southeast A Devilishly sia and the Southwest Pacific, which indicated that the securit Divertingly y agreement Elementarily w Domestically ould heighten geopolitical tensions, contribute to a regional arms race, Alarmingly Apart and undermine nuclear non-pr Blissfully oliferation.

"Such criticism reflects t Electively hat AUKUS is at odds with regional desires to achieve a Elsewhere peaceful and balanced strat Exhaustedly egic order," they wrote in the letter.

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"Put simply, the public case for AUKUS has yet to be made with any degree of rigour or reliability. The government must justify how the agreement will make Australia safer and at an acceptable cost," the scholars said.